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Bot-Wings FAQs

We’ve put together answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you click on each question, it will open to show the answer to that question. If you still can’t find your question or if the answers aren’t clear enough, please contact us by phone (904-583-9230), by email ([email protected]) or complete the form on our Contact Us page.

What year(s) of GS and GSA do the Bot-Wings fit?

Bot-Wings are designed to fit ONLY 2013+ GS models and 2014+ GSA models. They will not fit any other year(s) or model(s).

How do Bot-Wings make my ride smoother and quieter?

Bot-Wings re-direct the “dirty”, turbulent air which comes off the headlight/beak area of the motorcycle and flows under the handlebars, striking the rider in the chest. The air then rises up the rider’s body striking the helmet causing an uncomfortable, tiring ride.

Are the wings stable at Interstate speeds?

I’ve ridden thousands of miles developing and testing my Bot-Wings. I have never experienced any instability in clean air, behind or alongside semi-trucks.

What about riding in hot weather?

Bot-Wings were developed in Florida. We’re known for our heat and humidity. I’ve ridden through Big Bend National Park in July in 107+ temperatures with no adverse effects from lack of air flow.

There is sufficient airflow over the top of the handlebars to cool the rider.

Do Bot-Wings provide any cool/cold/wet riding benefits?

Yes. By blocking the “dirty” air the amount of cool/cold wet air is reduced.

I ride with an Aerostich Darien light suit. With my “Stich” and Bot-Wings, I rarely even check the weather before riding.

Are they durable?

Yes. I’ve ridden 30,000+ miles while developing Bot-Wings. I’ve ridden in soft Florida sugar sand, “baby head” boulder trails in Big Bend, many National Forest roads in North Georgia and thousands of miles on highways.

They are NOT indestructible. Bot-Wings are made of hi-grade, UV resistant acrylic. Translated that means expensive plastic. If abused, installed incorrectly or, as a customer recently found out, hit a Turkey buzzard, they will break.

What’s the warranty on Bot-Wings?

6 months from date of receipt of shipment for any manufacturing defect. 30 days if not satisfied with the performance of the Bot-Wing.

If not satisfied, return the Bot-Wing (at purchaser’s expense) with all mounting accessories in the original box. If returned in “as new” condition I’ll give you a credit on the Bot-Wing.

The Bot-Wing on the GSA is available in 3/16” material but the GS only in 1/8”, why?

The rear mounting attach points are different. On the GSA the Bot-Wing mounts on top of the fairing. On the GS it mounts on the side attach points. The curve of the GS winglet attachment tab is too acute to be made with 3/16” material.

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