The ride went well.  I am using the Bot-Wing in combination with a Cee Bailey windshield.  Together they provide a comfortable riding environment with no helmet buffeting.  The Bot-Wing reduces the side draft spilling off the lower sides of the windshield.  Most importantly, the Bot-Wing reduces the updraft that is created when air strikes the torso and travels up into the helmet thereby reducing the tendency for eyes drying and watering.  All of this combines to make the ride, especially longer rides, more comfortable and less fatiguing. Roger Spice

Satisfied Customer

In a word: WOW! ?
It arrived much sooner than expected. Thanks.

In short: I read the instructions & was able to install it in about 30 minutes. Knowing what I know now, I could easily install it in under 15 minutes. The instructions & pictures were perfect.

After it was installed, I couldn’t wait to test it out. Drove around the neighborhood & surface streets & it felt different/better. Decided it needed to be tested at highway speeds, so off to the freeway I went.

The Bot-Wing worked exactly as advertised!

It significantly alters the way air flows through & around the bike in a good way.
No longer will I have to endure the constant buffeting of wind hitting my chest, arms & head. The WING creates a pocket of wind protection around the driver that rivals that of the BMW 1200RT.

At speeds above 45 MPH, I would have to completely close my full-face helmet to reduce the amount of wind in my eyes. Now, I can easily leave it partially cracked all the time. Awesome!

In longer: I used to have a BMW 1200RT. It was a great touring bike; comfortable and protected you from the wind and even rain. I decided I wanted the flexibility to do some off-road riding (10%) and touring (90%) so I purchased a GSA. It is fun in the dirt, but I struggled with how uncomfortable it was on long road trips. I was considering trading in the GSA for either another 1200RT or the K1600GTL so that I could be comfortable touring again and just give up on dirt riding. (I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to explain this to my wife!!!!).
Now, I don’t have to!

With the Bot-Wing, I have the perfect solution with my GSA! I can take my bike off-road, and can be incredibly comfortable touring.

Thank you so much for creating this product, and getting it to me before my trip next week. I can’t wait to show it off to all of my riding buddies in the next couple of rides.

I’ll keep you informed of their comments.

Ron Shannon
A new & loyal customer

Ron Shannon

Satisfied Customer

The Botwing very effectively reduces the under windshield buffet. It even reduces the snow from getting through.  Installation was very simply.  Minutes to accomplish.  And it adds to the beauty of an otherwise great looking bike.  As well as the Botwing works,  it is surpassed by the exceptional service and communication.

Getting it right is the priority! A refreshing change from our society of mass production and no service. An outstanding purchase that rewards us on every ride.

Chuck Bouis

Satisfied Customer


I’m loving your new Bot-wing. It has really made a difference in overall wind deflection. Installation was a snap! Couldn’t get much easier.  Don’t know if these are good enough. Looking forward to seeing the new web site.  I still want to talk with you after the New Year about marketing your product at several rallies in the West.


Dave Swift
Grass Valley, CA

Dave Swift

Satisfied Customer

Hi Bill,

Finally got the bot-wings installed today.  They look excellent on the bike. May go for a three mile ride in a little while, but the first test will be a trip to/from Nova Scotia starting tomorrow.  I, too, have a headlight guard, mine being (I think) from Adv Designs.

The only possible issue is that the OEM front screws may turn out to be a few threads short with the all the layers.  Time will tell. If I lose one, I’ll try to get a longer pair of screws next time I’m at a dealer.

Instructions were very clear and thorough. Great job.

Brad Wheeler

Satisfied Customer


Pictures of my R1200 with the Bot-Wing. I am sorry that it almost disappears on my bike. Its surprising how many people don’t even see it. I have gone several dealership rides and no one has even commented. I know that it’s there! Far less turbulence, especially noticeable with side gusts. On freeway miles, I am getting 3-5 extra miles out of a tank of gas.

This is a good product and a worthwhile purchase.


Ed Taylor

Satisfied Customer

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